About Gondola

Gondola is a specialised trading and recruitment company dedicated to providing high quality services for the international market. Gondola offers industry specific expertise, most notably in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector as well as in import and export of foodstuffs, building materials and construction chemicals. All of these require careful and consistent handling to meet with international regulatory standards, social and ethical commitments.

Your chosen trading and logistics partner, Gondola International provides streamlined business solutions allowing you to get your goods from A to B with ease, offering freight forwarding and shipping services as well as a dedicated consultancy service. We manage import and export whilst guaranteeing the safe delivery of your goods.

Gondola International provides ready solutions to the Middle Eastern, European and North African markets whilst also sourcing and exporting goods from America to the Far East. Our global outreach gives us the edge against our competitors whilst allowing us to continue to expand and grow within the international trading and services sector.

Gondola International also operates a recruitment sector for a wide range of sectors, providing a consistent supply of hand-picked and suitably matched candidates. Our consultants work closely with your HR and personnel to best understand your company’s needs, structure and demands. We are confident and are able to identify suitable candidates to your company and the career in question.

From solving your logistical headaches to getting your goods on time, let Gondola International take care of the whole process.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide efficient procurement and services for emerging international markets within the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. We source and export goods from Europe through to America and the Far East and are constantly expanding our business operations to better meet our demands.

We are a responsible and competitive vendor in the industries of healthcare, trade and construction materials. From product sourcing to delivery as well as monitoring, recruiting and consolidation, Gondola International ensures that all international regulations, ethical and social responsibilities are met.

Our Mission

Gondola International is committed to promoting growth in emerging markets within international trading and services. Our aim is to deliver integral solutions to server our clients whilst providing industry specific expertise.